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Bar Catering

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Each event is custom-tailored to your specific requirements. The ideas listed below are just an example of some of the many services we provide.

Cocktail Classes
Enjoy a class on cocktails and spirits while you imbibe our fabulous concoctions.

Team Building
Battle your co-workers behind the bar in a fun and educational mixology seminar.

Personalized Potions
We will create customized cocktails to match the specific theme of your event – any spirit, any flavour.

Our staff is extensively trained in both modern and classic mixology techniques as well as Smart Serve Certified. We offer the highest level of professionalism at all of our events. Our staff is well spoken, courteous, and detail-oriented from the first pour to the last spectacular display.

Each of our events are custom tailored to your specific needs, theme, and space. Pricing for your event will depend on the level of difficulty.

Classic and specialty cocktails not involving molecular techniques will be hosted by our highly trained mixologists, and molecular cocktail events will be hosted by our critically acclaimed Bar Chefs.

We are constantly creating new cocktails and have an endless repertoire of fantastic libations. We can concoct any drink for any occasion and pair flavours with any meal. A full list of our event cocktails is available upon request.

Make your special day one to remember with custom designed cocktail catering. Providing you with customized cocktails, bespoke ornate bar design and luxury service, we create an experience your guests will never forget.

Cocktail Menu
From rustic chic to classic elegance, we are able to curate your cocktail menu to perfectly suit your wedding.

Bar Design and Presentation
If you can dream it, we can create it! We can cover your bar with moss, flowers, beachscapes, and more

Custom Cocktails
Included in all wedding packages is a custom cocktail. A personalized potion designed by us; a ice bar named after you that will last forever as a symbol of your union. We can create your bespoke cocktail based on your favourite tipple, or maybe inspired by the place you met.

Modernist Cocktails
We bring Indique’s famous, show-stopping molecular cocktails to you. We use aromatics, breathtaking demonstrations and delicious cocktails to stimulate all of your guests’ senses. Our Modernist Cocktails incorporate dry ice, liquid nitrogen, and other specialty components. The experience will be one your guests (and their palates) will never forget.

First-Class Service
Our staff offer a professional, friendly and knowledgeable level of service that will surely impress.