Hello and welcome to Indique. The Uniqueness of India.

About Us

Welcome to Indique Gastrobar and Restaurant.

Beautiful Interiors

We have each and every portion designed and crafted to make sure that we are presenting beauty in our work.

Amazing Food

About food, we not just offer food from our menu, but we are also ready to experiment according to your creativity.

Happy Customers

The happiness of our customers is the first priority. We go to any step and do anything that is possible to see our happy customers.

Great Presentations

Presentation is where we have our expertise. We will show you amazing fireworks and even our food presentation is great.

Menu Choice

Come and experience our varied menu and the magazine style presentation. We will be here to assist you and will recommend the best options.

Our Bar

Molecular and Gastronomy is our expertise. We have a complete functional in-house bar where we will show you amazing fireworks.


We started just like any other restaurant. With basic menu and with the basic food item. But our plan was to evolve. To present something which does not exist. We came up with our own functional bar and redesigned our menu. We created presentation with fire and drinks that does not exist. We redesigned our own interiors and we changed each and every portion to ensure that we give out the best possible look and design.

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